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Now there you are...absolutely bloody....STUNNING! Less is more for some of the Most Perfect Subjects to Photograph, and you've just proven that! You should have more as such... Great work also, for a great Cause!

Sierra isamonster Kunellis:)

Your so bloody cute! I absolutely adore you!:D <3


Wait that's you without hair or makeup?
God I hate you now.
It's impossible for you not to look attractive isn't it?
I'm going to go eat my weight in honey buns and Oreos now.


you're such a punk, i love it ;)


Heyy, it's impossible to imagine that you ever felt less than confident in yourself! You are the complete package Michael. If I could only turn the clock back 40 years I would start over again and live me life the way I was meant to live it - without fear and without regret. I am so glad that other young men and women have you to look to as an example of living life true to one's self. Blessings to you and yours! - Geoff


mark you really are such an inspartion.
you are my role model and have been ever since ugly betty. i love what your doing now, you are beautiful and you make me feel confident.



I don't see any difference between you with makeup and you without makeup...

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Your work is such a great stuff, that confidence movement is so awesome.
Really Amazing!!

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Is that you? You look more handsome without any make up.


This is one of the best pictures of your I've ever seen.


"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

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