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Dig the short shorts.


I really love all your fashion shoots. They are so creative and seriously look professional! Keep up the incredible work. The only thing I dont like is the cig :(


round of applause Yes Ma'am! ONE! u r so 1 I so love you


I love your fashion sense,the photoshoots and all.They're amazing:)

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love your picks as usual hun! never really was one for prints but they are starting to grow on me!


I love it!! I'm definitely gonna keep checking your blog!! You just got a new fan from Israel ;)

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I really really like all your style in fashion. They are so innovative and seriously looks great! I like the short you wear.


Before I saw your blog, I wore hoodies everyday and cared little about my appearance. You've really inspired me to step up my game and I have, haha. Keep up the good work! Muaaaaah xoxo




Looove it!!

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I think you are amazingly sexy and a great role model for young people. That being said, I really wish you wouldn't glamorize smoking. Whether or not you smoke is really irrelevant. But kids that look up to you will think it's cool and try it when they otherwise might not. Please don't take this as a hate message, I adore you. You were the only reason I watched UB each week. ::hugz::


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